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Atlantic Rainforest

Herping Expedition

with Matthieu Berroneau

Road-cruising, boat safari, jungle hikes, unique herp species, and lush habitats... This expedition has it all!

Our 10-day herping expedition will introduce you to 3 different sites located in the natural remnants of the southeastern Atlantic Rainforest. Each site has a lot to offer and has its own variety of species. The target of this expedition is to discover the potential of the São Paulo State, where can be found a veritable bounty of spectacular reptiles and amphibians, including a large selection of handsome endemics. Some of the major highlights you can see on this trip are the Jararacussu pit-viper, the Brazilian Dwarf Boa, the Bahia Forest Frog, and the Pumpkin Toadlet. And there is a chance, however slight, to find the very elusive Cropan’s Tree Boa.

If you have never been to Brazil and don’t know where to start, this expedition will deliver some of the most wonderful herps and scenery of any areas in the country!


  • Gateway city: São Paulo GRU Airport
  • Date: November 24 - December 3, 2023
  • Duration: 10D/9N
  • Group size: 4 - 6 participants
  • Leader: Matthieu Berroneau

The Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest, also known as Mata Atlântica, is a dense Neotropical forest that stretches along the Brazilian Atlantic coastline for over 1800 miles. The Atlantic Rainforest has been exposed to heavy predatory exploitation and as a result only 7% of its original vegetation cover is remaining. Less than 24% of the Atlantic Rainforest is under protection, and features mostly isolated forest patches. The Atlantic Rainforest is regarded as one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Over 900 bird species and 500 amphibian species occur here, a large number of which are native species. There are no fewer than 180 endemic bird species, and 90% of the amphibian species found in this biome can be found nowhere else.

herping matthieu berroneau

The highlights of the tour

Gain insight from herping team leader Matthieu Berroneau

Be guided by a Brazilian biologist specializing in herpetology

Observe a fantastic herpetofauna just a couple of hours from São Paulo

Gain a high level of reptile and amphibian endemism

Discover one of the least explored herpetofauna in South America

About Matthieu Berroneau

Matthieu Berroneau is a French herpetologist and wildlife photographer. In his career, he primarily leads photography and scientific inventories dedicated to conserving reptile and amphibian species in France. He has also travelled in several countries like Uganda, Malaysia, Mexico, Iran, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Ivory Coast, to discover, document, and value biodiversity in the world.

Matthieu will share his extensive knowledge of the herpetofauna with you and teach you how to get the best shots possible of reptiles and amphibians.

matthieu berroneau


"Erwan worked hard making sure we had everything we needed during every day of the trip. The trip was fantastic! We hiked more than I thought we would, which is good, and then road cruised and night hiked until late in the night every night. With every animal we found we all had more than enough time to photograph it how we wanted to. The priority was making sure we had the images we wanted before we moved on. We were also allowed to get close to the animals to make our images something special. This was hands on up close herping.

Between our guide and herpetologist, we knew what every animal was we were looking at, even the non herps. This was a very well run and organized expedition. If you've been thinking about how they will be run, Herping Brazil is the answer. Their priority is you and making sure you get out of it what you want. We found so many animals and I came away with so many wondeful photographs and memories, I can't recommend Herping Brazil enough."

Kevin Price


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