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Serra do Cipó

Herping Tour


Our tour to the Serra do Cipó showcases the beauty of an unusual and biodiverse region where you can find many endemic anurans and other smaller creatures.

The Serra do Cipó is located on two major faunal boundaries (the Brazilian Savanna and the Atlantic Rainforest). This mountainous site is primarily home to a high-altitude, rocky vegetation called the "Campo Rupestre" that occurs on poorly drained soils. The Serra do Cipó also supports gallery forests, marshes and wooded savannas.

A great variety of frogs can be found at the Serra do Cipó, including a number of species only known from this locality such as the Pijama Frog (Boana cipoensis). The Large-Headed Leaf Frog (Pithecopus megacephalus) and the Minas Swamp Froglet (Pseudopaludicola mineira) are some of the top anurans you might also find at the Serra do Cipó.


  • Where: The tour will take place at the Serra do Cipó National Park, located near Belo Horizonte (State of Minas Gerais).
  • Best time: NOV-FEB
  • Duration: 4D/3N
  • Private Guiding Tour

The highlights of the tour

Be guided by an English-speaking wildlife guide that specializes in herpetology

Night walks with a spotlight for nighttime and nocturnal animal observation


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Tour Codes

HCIP4 - Serra do Cipó - 4 Days / 3 Nights



The following options are available according to your travel schedule:

  • Day Tour
  • Night Herping
  • 4-day tour, plus a possibility to extend the tour to the Serra da Caraça