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Northern Pantanal


This tour is a classic, focusing on two different sites of the northern Pantanal where you will sample semi-deciduous forests, dry forests, flooded savannas and lakes. You will be treated not only to spotting a diverse selection of reptiles and amphibians, but also to exciting mammals such as Giant Anteater, Tapir, and Marsh Deer.


  • Gateway city: Cuiabá CGB Airport
  • Best time: NOV-MAY
  • Duration: 6D/5N
  • Private Guiding Tour

The highlights of the tour

Be guided by an English-speaking wildlife guide that specializes in herpetology

Night walks with a spotlight for nighttime and nocturnal animal observation

Road cruising on the Transpantaneira Park Road

Look for top snakes such as Matogrosso Lancehead, Yellow Anaconda, False Water Cobra, Indigo snake and more!


  • DAY1


    Arrival at Cuiabá Airport in the late morning. You will be greeted by our staff and shuttled to a privately owned reserve located off the Transpantaneira Park Road. You will arrive at the lodge for lunch and then settle in rustic accommodations.
    In the afternoon, you will familiarize yourself with the grounds of the lodge that feature various trails.
    You will go out at night to look for the herpetofauna and nocturnal invertebrates.
    Your overnight lodging will be at your wildlife lodge. You will have your dinner onsite.

  • DAY2 to DAY3

    Field Herping (Lodge #1)

    The lodge offers one of the finest, most varied, and most extensive wildlife watching experiences in the northern Pantanal. The area of the lodge is loaded with reptiles and amphibians, including species that you may never heard about before!
    Nighttime activities may produce the Matogrosso Lancehead and the Yellow Anaconda, amongst other reptile species.
    All your meals and overnight lodging will be at your wildlife lodge.

  • DAY4

    Shuttle to the next lodge

    After lunch and check out, the shuttle will take you to the next lodge. You’ll get to photograph the animals along the way.
    The lodge is a family-run cattle ranch teeming with wildlife in every nook and cranny. You will spend the end of the afternoon looking for wildlife. Anteaters, capybaras, coatis, crab-eating foxes, macaws, jabiru storks, kingfishers, and many more may be witnessed in the field.
    At night you will road cruise to look for the herpetofauna. With luck you may spot a Yellow Anaconda crossing the Transpantaneira Park Road.
    Your overnight lodging will be at your wildlife lodge. You will have your dinner onsite.

  • DAY5

    Field Herping (Lodge #2)

    You will have a boat ride on a lake nearby the lodge during the morning. Most of the day will be spent looking for reptiles and amphibians with your guide. Iguanas, Indigo snakes and Caiman lizards can be found on this site.
    In the evening a night herping session will wrap up your activities for the day. You will go in search of snakes and frogs on the grounds of the lodge.
    All your meals and overnight lodging will be at your wildlife lodge.

  • DAY6

    End of the tour and return to Cuiabá

    An early morning walk will provide you with the opportunity for some nice animal sightings. The driveway of the lodge may offer the chance to witness giant anteaters and southern tamanduas.
    After breakfast you will travel back to Cuiabá, where you will either stay at a hotel or take your flight.


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Tour Codes

HPAN6 - Pantanal - 6 Days / 5 Nights