Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest

Discover the best areas for reptile and amphibian diversity in the surroundings of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

intervales herping tour
São Paulo

Intervales State Park

4 days / 3 nights

This is a private tour for travelers wanting to discover a wealth of reptiles and amphibians in a small amount of time. You will do day and night herping activities in the magnificent Intervales State Park that boasts with herpetological delicacies.

jureia-itatins tour
São Paulo

Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station

4 days / 3 nights

Join this herping tour to discover the Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station, acclaimed for being one the most biologically diverse reserve in the southern Atlantic Rainforest. The Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station is home to extraordinary, very diverse plant-life and thrives with herpetological gems.

itatiaia herping tour
Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo

Itatiaia National Park

4 days / 3 nights

The Itatiaia National Park is one of South America’s premier ecotourism destinations. It is also one of the top herping sites to explore in the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro. The National Park is well known for its high-altitude grasslands where a handful of endemic amphibian species occur, including the iconic Flamenguinho frog (Melanophryniscus moreirae).
Our tour takes you to the best areas in the Itatiaia National Park for close-up viewing of reptiles and amphibians. You will primarily hit forest trails located in the lower regions of the Park. Outings in the higher parts of the Park will be organized only with prior agreement of the wildlife guide and staff members.
The higher parts of the Itatiaia National Park are challenging. You might be rewarded with Brachycephalus ephippium and Paratelmatobius lutzii though these species are hard to find.

ubatuba herping tour
São Paulo

Serra do Mar State Park

4 days / 3 nights

This exposure to the Atlantic Rainforest will allow you to find and photograph numerous reptiles and amphibians with an experienced, English-speaking guide. The forests of Ubatuba host a fine selection of tree frogs, leaf-litter frogs, lizards and snakes.
This tour is ideal for anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians. Whether you want to herp hard in a private reserve or herp in style and comfort with the ease of a nice ecolodge, we offer various options to accommodate your needs.
The tour includes night hikes.