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Herping Brazil was born of a want to offer herpetological expeditions to wildlife enthusiasts and photographers in the large, megadiverse country named “Brazil”.

Brazil is home to an impressive list of pit vipers, including dream species like the Brazilian Lancehead, the Jararacussu, and the Mato Grosso Lancehead to name just a few! Next to these top snakes, Brazil has an endemic-rich anurofauna featuring spectacular, rare species like the Bahia forest frog and the Pumpkin toadlet that are only found in some restricted areas of the Atlantic Rainforest.

Most of our tours are customized, private tours but once a year we offer a set date itinerary with a lead herpetologist.

We know that herpetofauna is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are not into herping but that you want to give it a try, hike at night in the jungle and find some cool creatures, please contact us!

Why choose Herping Brazil

Wildlife and Photography Tour Expertise

Herping Brazil is a sector of Wild Brazil , a company specializing in wildlife and photography tours for almost a decade. We have in-depth knowledge of destinations such as the Pantanal Wetland, the Atlantic Rainforest and the Brazilian Savanna.


Herping Brazil is a cutting-edge company that aims to provide wildlife tours with a focus on herpetofauna. We think that reptiles and amphibians deserve more attention in a country as herpeto-diverse as Brazil. So we want to help you in your quest for finding top snakes, rare frogs, and more!


Herping requires serious knowledge of the herpetofauna, and solid guiding to maximize herp sightings and security. We want you to have a thrilling and enriching experience but without any sacrifice in security.

Exclusive hosted tours

A few times a year we offer a snake heavy photo tour with a lead herpetologist. We enjoy teaming up with photogaphers that specialize in reptile photography and that have great interpersonal skills.

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Workshop with Berroneau: © Matthieu Berroneau
Pantanal Herping Tour: © Matthieu Berroneau & Riccardo Boschetti
Chapada dos Guimarães Herping Tour: © Matthieu Berroneau & Riccardo Boschetti
Serra do Cipó Herping Tour: © Riccardo Boschetti
Atlantic Rainforest Herping Tours: © Bob Ferguson & Erwan Prieur
Trip Report: © Kevin Price
Trip Report: © Bob Ferguson