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About Us

Herping Brazil was born of a want to offer herpetological expeditions to wildlife enthusiasts and photographers in the large, megadiverse country named “Brazil”.

Brazil is home to an impressive list of pit vipers, including dream species like the Brazilian Lancehead, the Jararacussu, and the Mato Grosso Lancehead to name just a few! Next to these top snakes, Brazil has an endemic-rich anurofauna featuring spectacular, rare species like the Bahia forest frog and the Pumpkin toadlet that are only found in some restricted areas of the Atlantic Rainforest.

Most of our tours are customized, private tours but once a year we offer a set date itinerary with a lead herpetologist.

We know that herpetofauna is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are not into herping but that you want to give it a try, hike at night in the jungle and find some cool creatures, please contact us!


Our tours focus on herp-watching and herp-photography. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of experience in herping. We will make sure that you go back home with a massive list of cold-blooded animals. Get ready to meet some of the craziest and most photogenic species of reptiles and amphibians on the Planet!

Atlantic Rainforest

A herping and frogging wonderland.

The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the world's richest tropical forest, with extraordinary endemism. There are herpetological surprises in store, including rare, improbable-looking frogs.
Herping enthusiasts dreaming with a myriad of reptile and amphibian species can surely make the most of their time near São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

herping tours brazil atlantic rainforest

Pantanal Wetland

A major destination for wildlife.

The largest freshwater wetland on Earth is acclaimed to be the kingdom of the Yellow Anaconda, the Yacare Caiman, and the Caiman Lizard. But did you know that the Pantanal bursts with much more cold-blooded creatures?

herping tours pantanal

Brazilian Savanna

An underrated, terrific herping destination.

This 40-million year old biome hosts the world’s biologically richest savanna. Expect to see a variety of pit vipers, amazing burrowing snakes and lizards, and spot the South American Rattlesnake!

herping tours brazil cerrado

Pantanal Herping Expedition
with Matthieu Berroneau.

November 12-21, 2020

Join us on an 10-day photography tour, with a focus on capturing images of reptiles and amphibians!


Other Destinations

serra do conduru

Serra do Conduru State Park

A foray into a biodiversity haven

Located in the south of Bahia, the Serra do Conduru State Park houses the third greatest biodiversity on Earth.
The Serra do Conduru should be in your Bucket List destination if you are a natural history enthusiast or if you are looking for a botanical and herping adventure in the wilds of Bahia.

pumpkin toadlet tour
São Paulo

Pumpkin Toadlet Tour

Treasures of the Brazilian cloud forest

Explore the Atlantic Raiforest in search of rare, microendemic frogs. Our tour takes you to a variety of high-altitude habitats where we stand the best chance of targeting a nice cast of Pumpkin Toadlet species.

bugs macro photography
Macro Photography

Bug-hunting Private Tours

Looking for invertebrates? Discover firsthand a variety of tropical insects at the Chapada dos Guimarães, the Rio Cipó Valley, the Serra da Caraça, amongst others “macro” destinations. We also propose customized itineraries for those who want to sample the coastal forests near São Paulo.
Bug-related activities are recommended for naturalists, entomology enthusiasts and anyone interested in shooting photos of odd, breathtaking wildlife subjects.

ilha vitoria - vitoria island
Southern Atlantic Rainforest

Vitória Island

Spot one of Brazil's newest lanceheads

Located off the coastal region of São Paulo within the Ilhabela Archipelago, the Vitória Island harbors a newly described and critically endangered species of pit viper. Vitória’s Lancehead (Bothrops otavioi) is known from this single locality as this species of pit viper has been evolving separately from any other species of Bothrops.

bananal island
Araguaia Valley, Tocantins

Bananal Island Herp Camp

A feast of exploration

The Bananal Island is the largest known alluvial island on Earth and is located in the Tocantins State. The Bananal Island is a vast expanse of flooded savannas, wetlands,and Buriti palm forests. This rugged, very remote location is inhabited by Indigenous tribes. There are chances of close encounters with Black Caimans, Spectacled Caimans, and many aquatic snakes, including the Green Anaconda. The herpetofauna of the Bananal region is poorly known and might have new species in store!